Commercenter Cinemas: The Next Attraction

commercenter alabang cinema cinemas movie film

Tucked in the second level of Commercenter Alabang is its quaint but well-appointed movie theaters. Commercenter Cinemas gives you all the necessities for the ideal cinema that most movie establishments now fail to give.

Limited and Spacious Seats
The well-kept cinemas were specifically designed to ensure wide legroom to pair with its plush premium seats and adjustable armrests. Each theater is limited to seat a maximum of 100 – 120 people to guarantee optimal views no matter where you are seated.

Dolby Digital 7.1 and 3D Viewing
Installed with one of the best sound systems as well as the capability to view films in the sought-after 3D format – Commercenter Cinemas recognizes the importance of upgraded facilities for a premium viewing experience.

A Plethora of Entertainment Snacks
Housed with the popular snack chains like Taters, Potato Corner, and Moonleaf, Commercenter Cinemas also allows its cinema goers to bring in their preferred snacks from other establishments.

Exclusive Screenings and Reservations
Want to host a watch party or simply want a whole movie theater to yourself? Commercenter Cinemas offers exclusive screenings and reservations of select cinemas! Inquire at directly at our cinema counters or call our cinema team at 8893-1450.