Call for Donations: Taal Eruption

commercenter alabang cinema taal call for donations


Commercenter Alabang is currently accepting donations in-kind for those affected by the Taal Volcanic Eruptions starting January 14, 2020. Those interested in helping may drop off their donations at the Commercenter Ground Floor Activity Area. The first batch of donations will be accepted until this Friday, January 17, 5 PM.

Further batches will accepted in partnership with One South, the official group of Metro South’s top blogs including Alabang Bulletin, TigaSouth Ka Ba, South Snippets, The Lowkey Hubadera, The Introvert Southie,, Joyrney to Life, 2M Journey and Eboy M. Donato. Donations will be accepted for as long as there are evacuees that need help.

Items that will be accepted for the donation drive include easy open canned goods, ready to eat food, bottled waters, face masks, hygiene kits and towels, flash lights, blankets and mats, basic medicine, clean clothes, paper plates and cups and plastic spoons and forks.

For more information, please contact us on our Facebook page, Commercenter Alabang, or contact our admin office at 8887-0956.